1 3 5 7 Make a checklist to stay on track with all cleaning and Organi z ation pro j ects. Don ’ t take on too many pro j ects at once. Start with one task in one room at a time. Nothing says spring cleaning like a good purge. Pick a room, take inven - tory of everything you have and make piles to keep and donate. When in doubt, throw it out. Need a few decor upgrades ? Spring cleaning is the perfect time. Add simple chic shelving to the living room or colorful accents to the kitchen. Make a little extra cash this spring and hold a garage sale, the perfect way to get rid of unwanted items during the annual clean. 9 2 4 6 G et ahead of the game and stock up on all necessary supplies in advance, especially kitchen & bath necessities like hand soap, air freshener, paper towels, bath tissue. Warmer weather means outside fun. Clean dirt and grime off patio furniture and even the grill. G ood - bye winter, hello spring. Put away boots, winter coats and hats and make room for sneakers, rain boots and umbrellas. G et creative with storage to ensure everything is in its place and eas - ily accessible. I ncorporate under - the - sink organi z ers and door rack in the linen closet 8 10 Unscrew the faucet aerators, sink sprayers and shower heads, and soak them in e q ual parts vinegar and water solution. Let them soak for an hour, then rinse with warm water. 4 All things for your home and more.. .HARMONHOMES.COM